Saturday, October 6, 2012

USWIM involvement in Math Prize for girls

USWIM is always looking to expand our involvement to great programs and events that share our vision.
So we were very happy to help out with Math Prize for girls, an awesome and impact event for girls, for the first time this year!
So a little bit about Math Prize for girls:

"Math Prize for girls is an an annual competition math competition for high-school girls,  that aims to "encourage young women with exceptional potent ion to become the mathematical and scientific leaders of tomorrow". Sponsored by the Advantage Testing Foundation, it is the  largest monetary math prize for girls in the world! 
The 4th annual contest was held on Saturday, September 22, 2012, at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 263 girls from across the United States and Canada competed for $49,000 in cash prizes".
(find out more at:

USWIM members worked with Dr. Mary O'Keeffe, Associate Director of the Math Prize, to organize the performances for the award ceremony (we were very lucky to get the logs, an all-male MIT acapella group, and the MIT cheer squad!), the registration process, informal MIT tours, etc.
There was also a beautiful party we got to attend at the Microsoft NERD Center with the other MP participants!
It was very rewarding to help put together such a fun and influential event that reaches out to so many intelligent young women.
I hope I see some of the participants on campus in a couple years :)

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