Friday, January 13, 2012

SUMiT: A New Kind of Competition

When you think of middle and high school math extracurriculars, what comes to mind? I think of the events I did in grade school- that is, MathCounts, Massachusetts Mathematics League, and AMC/AIME. They're all competitions.

Don't get me wrong, I loved those competitions. But the real world isn't exactly like that- it's much more about collaboration.

So how about an event that reflects that? How about something different?

On January 21st, a group of lucky 6-10th grade girls are coming to MIT to compete in a day-long event called SUMiT. There won't be winners and losers, instead these girls will be working together to make their way through a massive math-intensive hunt. They'll have to work together to accomplish a common goal, and if they succeed, they will be rewarded.

SUMiT works to bring together female students and show them the fun and beauty of mathematics. It also helps build collaboration and leadership skills, as no student can solve the hunt alone. SUMiT is organized by USWIM and Girls' Angle, a math club for girls located in Cambridge.

For more information, please visit our SUMiT webpage:

Unfortunately registration for SUMiT has already closed.

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