Saturday, September 15, 2012

Math Mixer Fall 2012

The Math Mixer event happened 5:30-7PM on Thursday, Sept. 13th, and we were be honored to have many students and math department faculty members attend! USWIM's annual Math Mixer is one of the first introductions to the math department for many freshmen entering MIT.  Traditionally, we invite professors and recitation instructors from popular undergraduate math courses to speak on a panel and answer questions from our student audience over dinner.  The event was a great opportunity for students to ask any questions (Should I take 18.104? How do I ease into theoretical classes? LaTex??) and also get general advice from the amazing MIT math faculty members. 
As a newly declared course 18C, I especially enjoyed the mingling after the panel. The TAs I met were not only very qualified instructors but also extremely interesting people. Their advice spanned not only on the how to succeed in my currently math class, but also about working in the finance industry, studying overseas, and general happiness :)

Students grabbing some free Italian dinner!

We were glad to see a full panel and audience :)

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