Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Math Mixer + New exec :)

These are exciting times for USWIM :)
USWIM recently hosted the annual Math Mixer and held elections for new exec members.

Math Mixer
Thursday, Nov. 29 @8-9pm | Room 4-153

We hosted an event for math majors to mingle while enjoying FREE bubble tea from Leisure Station and froyo from Cafe 472 will be provided. It was awesome as it sounds.
The event was a huge success despite being hindered by the power outage - over people came by, and math majors had fun socializing and taking a break from psets!
There was generally a positive response, so we will be sure to bring more events like these in the future.
This event was brought to you by the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT), Undergraduate MathematicsAssociation (UMA) and Undergraduate Society of Women in Mathematics (USWIM).

And....Introducing new exec members!

President: Allison Koenecke
Vice President: Carmela Lao
Co-treasurers: Calley Murphy and Xinyue Deng
Secretary: Quanquan Liu
Webmaster: Chae Won Lee
Public Relation Chair: Elena De La Paz
Outreach Chair: Soohyun Park
Social Chair: Jessica Wang

We have an awesome group of dedicated people, and I hope we have may good semester together :*)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Math in Industries

Math in Industries
Thursday, October 25 @ 6:15 PM

Featuring: Oracle, Jane Street, Akamai Technologies, D.E. Shaw & Co, and Wolfram

Dr. Wolfram in the flesh, recruiters from top companies, and delicious food from pepper sky and milk street were combinations for a successful Math in Industried event!  This event was geared towards illustrating how quantitative thinking is used in both financial and technological sectors.  Our panel discussion and networking session was an opportunity for students to ask questions and learn from company representatives from a variety of different backgrounds. We were happy to see more that 80 students show up and enjoy a great discussion with  the panelists :)

Photo: Math in industries event going on right now in 32-155!!! Meet recruiters from Oracle, DEshaw, Akamai, Jane Street, and Wolfram himself :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

USWIM involvement in Math Prize for girls

USWIM is always looking to expand our involvement to great programs and events that share our vision.
So we were very happy to help out with Math Prize for girls, an awesome and impact event for girls, for the first time this year!
So a little bit about Math Prize for girls:

"Math Prize for girls is an an annual competition math competition for high-school girls,  that aims to "encourage young women with exceptional potent ion to become the mathematical and scientific leaders of tomorrow". Sponsored by the Advantage Testing Foundation, it is the  largest monetary math prize for girls in the world! 
The 4th annual contest was held on Saturday, September 22, 2012, at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 263 girls from across the United States and Canada competed for $49,000 in cash prizes".
(find out more at:http://mathprize.atfoundation.org/index)

USWIM members worked with Dr. Mary O'Keeffe, Associate Director of the Math Prize, to organize the performances for the award ceremony (we were very lucky to get the logs, an all-male MIT acapella group, and the MIT cheer squad!), the registration process, informal MIT tours, etc.
There was also a beautiful party we got to attend at the Microsoft NERD Center with the other MP participants!
It was very rewarding to help put together such a fun and influential event that reaches out to so many intelligent young women.
I hope I see some of the participants on campus in a couple years :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Math Mixer Fall 2012

The Math Mixer event happened 5:30-7PM on Thursday, Sept. 13th, and we were be honored to have many students and math department faculty members attend! USWIM's annual Math Mixer is one of the first introductions to the math department for many freshmen entering MIT.  Traditionally, we invite professors and recitation instructors from popular undergraduate math courses to speak on a panel and answer questions from our student audience over dinner.  The event was a great opportunity for students to ask any questions (Should I take 18.104? How do I ease into theoretical classes? LaTex??) and also get general advice from the amazing MIT math faculty members. 
As a newly declared course 18C, I especially enjoyed the mingling after the panel. The TAs I met were not only very qualified instructors but also extremely interesting people. Their advice spanned not only on the how to succeed in my currently math class, but also about working in the finance industry, studying overseas, and general happiness :)

Students grabbing some free Italian dinner!

We were glad to see a full panel and audience :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Post CPW

CPW Informational Dinner with SWE  + Puzzle Night

Hi everyone :) This is my first time blogging as the USWIM Webmaster.
And how exciting that my first blog is about Campus Preview Weekend (CPW)!
So USWIM had two events for CPW - an informational dinner with SWE and puzzle night.
If you couldn't make it, no worries because we're here to give you the break down of the events.

The informative dinner with SWE had a great turnout of 50 prefreshmen, 2 parents, and 15 undergraduates (from USWIM and SWE Exec)!
Both groups gave short introductions and talked about the events they did in the past.
USWIM is a group of women who love mathematics and come together foe different types of events, from career-oriented to class focused for the MIT community.
Past events we've done include Math Mixer, Math in Industries, collaborative math events for girls.
We also gave a short intro to our exec board that you can check out at this blog!

The Puzzle Night event was even more phenomenal- over the course of the two-hour event, about 100 prefreshmen came to work on puzzles and play SET! Even when we arrived early to set up, about 15 people were already there waiting for the event to begin. I think all of the prospective students really enjoyed themselves- on average, each student probably stayed for about an hour.

Thank you for two great events, and we hope to see you guys again this fall :)

Puzzle Night

Mmmm.. Thai food at the Info Dinner with SWE

Friday, January 13, 2012

SUMiT: A New Kind of Competition

When you think of middle and high school math extracurriculars, what comes to mind? I think of the events I did in grade school- that is, MathCounts, Massachusetts Mathematics League, and AMC/AIME. They're all competitions.

Don't get me wrong, I loved those competitions. But the real world isn't exactly like that- it's much more about collaboration.

So how about an event that reflects that? How about something different?

On January 21st, a group of lucky 6-10th grade girls are coming to MIT to compete in a day-long event called SUMiT. There won't be winners and losers, instead these girls will be working together to make their way through a massive math-intensive hunt. They'll have to work together to accomplish a common goal, and if they succeed, they will be rewarded.

SUMiT works to bring together female students and show them the fun and beauty of mathematics. It also helps build collaboration and leadership skills, as no student can solve the hunt alone. SUMiT is organized by USWIM and Girls' Angle, a math club for girls located in Cambridge.

For more information, please visit our SUMiT webpage: http://www.girlsangle.org/page/SUMiT.html

Unfortunately registration for SUMiT has already closed.

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