Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Math in Industries

Math in Industries
Thursday, October 25 @ 6:15 PM

Featuring: Oracle, Jane Street, Akamai Technologies, D.E. Shaw & Co, and Wolfram

Dr. Wolfram in the flesh, recruiters from top companies, and delicious food from pepper sky and milk street were combinations for a successful Math in Industried event!  This event was geared towards illustrating how quantitative thinking is used in both financial and technological sectors.  Our panel discussion and networking session was an opportunity for students to ask questions and learn from company representatives from a variety of different backgrounds. We were happy to see more that 80 students show up and enjoy a great discussion with  the panelists :)

Photo: Math in industries event going on right now in 32-155!!! Meet recruiters from Oracle, DEshaw, Akamai, Jane Street, and Wolfram himself :)

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