Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Post CPW

CPW Informational Dinner with SWE  + Puzzle Night

Hi everyone :) This is my first time blogging as the USWIM Webmaster.
And how exciting that my first blog is about Campus Preview Weekend (CPW)!
So USWIM had two events for CPW - an informational dinner with SWE and puzzle night.
If you couldn't make it, no worries because we're here to give you the break down of the events.

The informative dinner with SWE had a great turnout of 50 prefreshmen, 2 parents, and 15 undergraduates (from USWIM and SWE Exec)!
Both groups gave short introductions and talked about the events they did in the past.
USWIM is a group of women who love mathematics and come together foe different types of events, from career-oriented to class focused for the MIT community.
Past events we've done include Math Mixer, Math in Industries, collaborative math events for girls.
We also gave a short intro to our exec board that you can check out at this blog!

The Puzzle Night event was even more phenomenal- over the course of the two-hour event, about 100 prefreshmen came to work on puzzles and play SET! Even when we arrived early to set up, about 15 people were already there waiting for the event to begin. I think all of the prospective students really enjoyed themselves- on average, each student probably stayed for about an hour.

Thank you for two great events, and we hope to see you guys again this fall :)

Puzzle Night

Mmmm.. Thai food at the Info Dinner with SWE

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